Top 10 Robotic Countries

Currently, there are about 1 million industrial robots toiling around the world, and Japan is the top country having high density of utilizing robots in its manufacturing industry. Statistically shows that, Japan has 295 of these electromechanical marvels for every 10 000 manufacturing workers—a robot density almost 10 times the world average and nearly twice that of Singapore (169), South Korea (164), and Germany (163).

top 10 countries robot density

Although the top three countries are in Asia, Europe gets the regional title as the epicenter of global automation; it has a robot density of 50, compared to 31 in the Americas and 27 in the Asia/Pacific region.

IEEE Spectrum computed the robot density for 67 nations in all, using data from the International Federation of Robotics and the International Labour Organization [see (to come) for the complete list

By 2011 projection, the world’s industrial robot population is expected to rise to 1.2 million. Basically, robot can offers greater productivity, accuracy, or endurance compared to humans. It also capable to perform dirty, dangerous or dull jobs which humans find undesirable. Other jobs are physically inaccessible for human, such as exploring another planet, cleaning the inside of a long pipe, or performing laparoscopic surgery. As the number of robots increases, robotics-related jobs grow. Some jobs require existing job skills, such as building cables, assembling parts and testing. Other robotics jobs require new skills, such as robot installer and robot integrator.

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