VoIP Next-Generation Network Overview

As far as I’m concerned, many modern telco engineers agree that VoIP can be deployed in many different network segments. To date, it has been progressively deployed in the backbone and enterprise networks. Deploying VoIP as an end-to-end Next-Generation Network solution introduces additional constraints and issues discussed by many VoIP researcher.

example of VoIP Next Generation Network architecture
example of VoIP Next Generation Network architecture

Whatever the justifications brainstormed by many researcher, it come to conclusion that most service providers recognize the VoIP is the direction of the future. However when looking at a future PSTN scale solution service providers must ensure that the following key requirements are met to provide equivalence with the PSTN:

· Security
· Quality of Service
· Reliability
· Migration path
· OSS support
· Billing
· Network Interconnection

These issues are by no means simple and in many cases have delayed roll out of VoIP services. Future research in this field will look into more detail issues to consider at a high level how this next-generation network might be addressed. Perhaps, it can tackled as many issues as concerned by the researchers.

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